Sunday, March 14, 2010

AMMO Magazine interview with Brian Wood

1. What’s your AMMO? (What’s inspires you?)

Everything around me! My environment, artwork, other talented people, sometimes even a casual conversation with a friend can lead to inspiration. Having the ability to inspiring others!

2. Explain the vision behind the Brian Wood Collection?

For Spring 2010 I collided 2 polar opposite worlds of the high seas, setting the stage for spring/summer 2010. I fused inspiration from traditional nautical sailing, and Somalian Pirates. I created a new warrior trolling the seas. This international traveler that faces a constant struggle from within between good boy and bad boy, either acting on thought and reason or acting on passion.

3. When did you start designing?

I was always an artist but I didn’t start to design and learn the fundamentals of fashion until I attended PRATT INSTITUTE

4. What’s next for Brian Wood, B.Wood?

B WOOD fall 2010 “BECAUSE WE FEEL LIKE IT” Brian Wood collection both current and past seasons will be available for custom orders. A gallery installation with Alpha Industries to celebrate Alpha’s 50th year Anniversary. I am currently designing a women’s evening wear collection SILVIO LIU for Holiday 2010.

5. Who is Brian?

Brian is a lone wolf howling in the moonlight. LoL! Honestly designing and everything involved with owning my own company consumes a majority of my time, so it’s a constant grind! But when I do have time I like hanging with my family and friends (My sister Meghan and Dave), spending time with my goddaughter Dana, working out at the gym, which is a great stress release and enjoying some drinks of Jack! … Woo!


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