Saturday, August 2, 2008

bartender, a round of Absinthe please.

Yes kids, The Green Fairy is finally being sold here in the states. There are already 17 different types approved for sale in the US, and 27 pending approval to be sold here. If you're unsure of what it is, Google it baby. Cheers!

Roberto Cavalli Coca Cola Bottles

The limited run of 300,000 bottles will be distributed exclusively in Italy from September through December. "I had a lot of fun creating three different "dresses" for the legendary silhouette of the Coca Cola Light Contour. They are seductive and feminine, in typical Cavalli style. They’re designed for the world of young people, which has always been a great inspiration to me," notes the designer." Courtesy of Yo Mama.

I need THESE!!!!

The Nike Air Max 97 has been an iconic resemblance of the rich history in the Air Max line from Nike. Being retroed several times due to popular demand, it will once again release along with its partner, the Air Force 1, getting a complete 97 make over down to the 3M usage and tongue. Both will be hitting select Nike accounts soon

Attack of the most knocked off shoe ever!

Ever since Beyonce was spotted wearing these Balenciaga's a couple of months ago it seems as if the shoe industry lost their mind. EVERYONE and their mother has been trying to recreate these shoes. Literally. Steve Madden, Bakers and Rainbow Shops, we beg you, please leave the ugly celebrity shoe to the professionals. Hats off to you, Balenciaga!