Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New SUPREME Varsity!!!!! Fall 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flyy Girl... Solange

Solange rockin Armani

Supra Vaiders!!!!! I need these in my life...

I like this...!!

‘Mauritian Sunset’ by artist Sandy Smith

Monday, September 22, 2008


Let me know your thoughts on this canvas.... I think its pretty awesome!!

Forbes Top-10 "Best-Paid" Music Stars

Forbes Celebrity Valuations
World's Best-Paid Music Stars
Lacey Rose, 09.22.08, 6:00 AM ET

If the perennial rumors about the death of the music business are true, nobody's told The Police. Or Beyoncé. Or Madonna.

Indeed, though there's no denying music's old business model has taken a massive hit in recent years--blame it on piracy, the Web or the advent of the recordable CD--there's still plenty of money to be made in the music industry.

In fact, the 10 stars on our list of the world's top-earning musicians raked in a combined $500 million between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008, thanks in large part to lucrative tours, endorsement contracts and all-encompassing deals. ( Hip-hop stars have been ranked separately.)

Topping the list: The Police, who banked $115 million over the course of the year, proving the big money is made on the road rather than in the recording studio.

Once famous for not getting along, the timeless rockers reunited in 2007 to perform their early hit "Roxanne" at the Grammy Awards. From there, the band fronted by Sting set out on a sold out and highly lucrative five-continent reunion tour. Some 400 fans, both young and old, forked over a collective $200 million in tickets to see the trio perform. Not bad for a trio that got their start in the late-1970s.

Singer-turned-brand Beyoncé Knowles comes in second, raking in $80 million during the 12-month period.

Once a Destiny's Child group member, the Houston native went solo in 2003 and has since released two platinum albums. She's also built a successful entertainment empire that includes fashion, film and publishing deals. She has found still more time to sell $50 million in tickets on a recent tour, take a lead role as Etta James in the upcoming flick Cadillac Records and shill for a slew of brands, including L'Oréal, American Express (nyse: AXP - news - people ) and an Armani fragrance.

Nabbing the third spot on our list is sometimes controversial--and always popular-- Toby Keith, who earned $48 million this past year. The country music star, famous for songs like "How Do You Like Me Now?" and "Beer for my Horses ," reached the impressive sum with lengthy concert tours, a lucrative endorsement deal with Ford Motor (nyse: F - news - people ) and a chain of successful restaurants that bare his name. The patriotic rocker writes all of his own songs and owns his recording label as well.

Justin Timberlake comes in fourth with earnings of $44 million.

Like his peers, the boy bander turned tabloid staple has diversified his brand, dabbling in music (2 million fans paid $100 million to see his latest tour), commercials (appeared in a Pepsi (nyse: PEP - news - people ) Super Bowl commercial), fashion (co-founded fashion label William Rast) and hospitality (co-owns restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality). The "Sexy Back" star also signed a development deal with MTV and heads his own music label.

Rounding out the top five is Madonna, who took home $40 million during the year.

The onetime material girl has capitalized on her talent and bold-face name by cutting a mega deal with concert promotions giant Live Nation (nyse: LYV - news - people ), worth a reported $120 million over 10 years. The deal encompasses Madonna's future music and music-related businesses, including touring, albums, merchandising, DVDs and music-reality film and TV projects.

Not bad for heavyweights of an industry on the decline.

10. Gwen Stefani- $27 Million
9. Genesis- $ 31 million
8. Van Halen- $35 million
7. Rascal Flatts- $40 million
6. Celine Dion- $40 million
5. Madonna- $40 million
4. Justin Timberlake- $44 million
3. Toby Keith- $48 million
2. Beyonce Knowles- $80 million
1. The Police- $115 million

Monday, September 15, 2008

William rASSt

..formerly known as william rast - last week, justin timberlake debuted his clothing line at NYC's Mercedes-Benz fashion week. It was so bad!!! bad as in bad - not bad as in good. we here at brian wood online are curious, who do we have to sleep with to get into fashion week. we're way cooler, and much much more talented. you be the judge...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Its Fashion Week in NYC, How are YOU getting in?

Radar magazine has this pretty cool piece showing you how to get into the tents for the fall NYC Fashion Week. Whether you like to con your way in to events or play it honestly, they’ll teach you how and let you know how to stay in...

After the jump:

New York City’s Fashion Week is practically here! Hold on to your Eugenia Kim’s (those are fancy hats, didn’t you know? If not, you must be wearing Eddie Bauer’s—vom!), because the shows this year are white-hot —with attendees who are even whiter and hotter.

Didn’t get an invite? Not a member of the press? Didn’t blow the Shipley and Halmos boys at the Annex last week when you had the chance? Fret not! There are hundreds of fashionably in-the-know girls and guys just like you who are dying to sneak into the tents at Bryant Park in Manhattan. And to manage, all you need is an YSL Muse-full of chutzpah to attend the best-dressed party in town. In this the first of our three part series How to Sneak Into Fashion Week, we’ve culled together some tips from gate-crash pros to help you secure a place beside the well-heeled, as well as warnings from the beefy guys at Fashion Week’s Citadel Security to keep you from getting too foolhardy. Godspeed, everybody!

How to get in: tips for the ticketless
The experts split into two camps on this one: some say that a little conniving and research will get you past the bouncers, but others say that honesty and groveling are the best policies (and trickery will most likely get your well-dressed derriere kicked off the premises).

…If you fancy yourself a bit of a prick:
• Lie, lie, lie: According to fashion forum the Fashion Spot, the first step is to tell security that you forgot your ticket at the hotel. If that doesn’t work, give your real name and look out for a name of a low-level editor you can use as the PR rep flips through his or her binder. After you get rejected, hop over to another PR rep and offer up your stolen identity! (Apparently this works, but there may be no faster way to become a certifiable dick than copping the spot of someone who’s there to actually work.) But choose carefully. Chances are, nobody will believe you are Andre Leon Talley.

• Upward with the arts and craftiness: Carry around a stack of index cards and red, blue, and black pens, as well as an assortment of highlighters. Many designers hand out standing room passes with “ST” written on plain white index cards.

• Age matters: If you regularly get carded at bars, the age thing will totally work to your advantage. Tell them your mother’s waiting inside, and security might let you pass. Flash your bejeweled Sidekick for extra measure.

• Model behavior: If you’re tall, pretty, and wearing skinny jeans and a big T-shirt … well, screw you, ya genetic freak! But also, you might be able to sneak backstage if you pretend you’re there to model fashions.

• Coffee break: This tactic might set you back $20 or so, but arriving with trays of Starbucks might help you bribe your way into the tents.

A word of warning: It’s much easier than you think to get caught. Warns the hawk-eyed Ty Yorio, head of Fashion Week security: “Crashers become very obvious, and we always escort them off premises.” Yikes.

…If you want to play it nice:
• Be patient: Chat up lone PR reps and ask if there’s standing room available. Wait patiently (standing room is usually filled right before the show starts), and if you’re lucky, you might get the opportunity to fill a seat.

• Dress more than appropriately: It’s kind of a tradition for editors and tent-goers to give away extra invites to the best dressed fashion groupies. So pucker up your lips for some fancy ass kissing—only pretend like you’re not trying so very hard.

—Do your homework, brats: E-mail labels and offer to assist backstage or work beforehand. You might end up sewing sequins and hemming pants until dawn, but you’ll forget all about your blistered fingers when you’re hobnobbing with Erin Wasson at Alexander Wang’s afterparty.

Still, consensus says that if you look like you belong, chances are, people will think you do, too. So march up those steps in your four-inch Loubie knockoffs like you were born in them.

How to stay in: don’t blow it
• Nix the freebies: “We call them lobby fleas,” says Yorio. Typically, editors don’t touch the free samples.

• Stay put: Once you’re in, stay in. If you leave the tents, you’re going to have to go through the hassle of getting in all over again.

—Do not celebrate!: This almost seems silly to state, but once you’re in, keep the “OMG I JUST SNUCK IN” merrymakings to yourself. Celebrate instead by texting everyone you know and then snapping a picture of yourself giving Anna Wintour’s back a shocker.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Kim Jong-ILL!!

Screen print by Urban Medium....

In Stores Now

VP Barbie. Collectors Edition



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Comme des Garcons x Louis Vuitton Pop-up Shop

September 3rd, 2008 marked the opening of the highly anticipated Comme des Garcons x Louis Vuitton Pop-up Store in Tokyo, Japan where Japanese fashion editors and local celebrities were the first to purchase Rei Kawakubo’s designs for Louis Vuitton. The new Pop-up shop is situated in the fashion district of Aoyama and according to WWD, the interiors are true to Comme des Garçons’ spare aesthetic, with gray concrete walls and an exposed metal staircase. Steel boxes coated in LV-logo gold flock are mounted on the walls of the lower level. Prices range from 78,750 YEN to 194,250 YEN depending on the item. The store will be open to the public on September 4th, 2008 and will be around for three months.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reverse Racism

"Banksy, the very ill stencil-based graffiti artist from the UK, has been recently spotted in New Orleans putting up some new work. If you’re not familiar with Banksy, he typically makes some pretty big social statements with each piece. On his way out of New Orleans he stopped in Birmingham (quite purposely, it seems) to throw up his latest piece"

Brian Wood in TI's "Whatever You Like"

at the 1:40 mark...
thanks rosie!

Ciara Bares it All...

(((Deep Sigh))) Sex doesnt always sell, Ciara! You had us at "Promise."

Peter Hadar wears Brian Wood!!!!

Peter Hadar rocking the Blue "Faces" Cardigan!!!!! Peter thanks for the support... Pick up that new Peter Hadar album "Well Dressed for the Art Show" in stores now!!

B'Ware: Hurricane B is brewing...

Beyonce has been laying low ever since her marriage to hip hop mogul, Jay-Z. Recently she was featured on Marie Claire's UK cover, which can only mean one thing. SHE HAS A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT! Our favorite r&b girl is releasing a double album in November. Title has not been released yet.



Are We Really Ready?

SMH is america really ready for this? This woman could be our future VP.
Sidebar: this pic is not real. courtesy of

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