Thursday, July 17, 2008


fall/winter 2008

“When did New York get so lame?” New York City seems to be losing the elements that made it so incredibly artistic and audacious. What happened to the artistic vision and aweless fire that made this city great? What happened to the expressive movement and energy that moved New York? Brian Wood finds his inspiration in what used to be and what’s so obviously missing from New York’s legendary “scene” to create his “Save New York” Exclusive t-shirt line for 2008. Brian’s latest collection, SAVE NEW YORK gives artistry to the question on everyone’s minds, What happened to New York?


Leaving an imprint on New York’s indie fashion circles for the past few years with experimental, expressive collections, young NYC-based designer Brian Wood sees his latest African Warlord line culminating with the drop of his upcoming Africa Vintage Logo limited edition tee. Known for artistic pieces suited for the streets and runways alike, Brian Wood’s designs are a product of creative vision and the tutelage of visionaries like Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. The African Warlord concept was an examination of the impact Western popular culture has had on continental African sensibilities. Ripe with color and content, each piece spoke to the collision of two world cultures. With the Africa Vintage Logo tee, Brian Wood presents his most artfully crafted piece in the collection thus far. The cut and sew tee features 6 printed iconic vintage logos, with a 4 panel-pieced front, and raw edge sleeve finish. The back neck label is also stitched on an appliquéd square of authentic Khenti cloth. Limited to only 100 total pieces produced, the Africa Vintage Logo tee will surely be a rare delicacy among the boutique circuit.

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