Friday, December 16, 2011

panty raiders live from tokyo

Complete the biggest topic of clothing will make this winterone of the leading designer BRIANWOOD the NY!! PANTY RAIDERS provoked profound topics around the NY streets.Campaign will be a variety of topics and ideas and its unique. Completed PANTY RAIDERS VARSITY JACKETand that this motif. Melton rich texture and material used inthick, rounded body, classic style. Wear a traditional styleand cute fluffy is crowded enough to attract all who see it.Chenille Patch uses a reliable presence to appeal tooversized chest, sleeves, very attractive and the logos on the back 落Toshi込Ma. Sold out immediately and the minimum of 369 VARSITY also appeared last year. Now his model is a hot topic already become more valuable! Tocome out there, have your masterpiece to the streets names and certainly ticks.


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